Top 10 Posts of 2017

New Year is here and there are many fun rituals to say goodbyes to the old year and welcome the new year. Like spending 15 mins filling out the “End of Year Reflections” on the last pages of my Passion Planner. Review my goals and accomplishments from last year. Set intentions for the new year. It’s fun to look back and go through what was going on the past 12 months like all the places we traveled, the friends we made, the experiences and events we attended.

Another extremely interesting thing to do is to check my blog analytics to see what posts were most popular. This gives me an idea what direction I should go in the future. Seems that you guys are into plant-based cooking and wellness tips so I’ll make sure there will be more of that. I also hope to get more travel in my life in 2018 so adding some healthy travel features to the blog.

I see Finland in my near future, as well as a beach vacation (it’s about time!), further wellness education and events (organized by me!), girls trips, holistic health experiments (2017 was acupuncture which works GREAT for me, as well as more recent one: essential oils), and just simply to have more fun. 

My Beauty Detox Potluck post has been the most popular post of my entire blog history and it keeps staying in #1 spot. That means it’s time to have a second one! Our little Bay Area Beauty Detox group has since that potluck had 2 babies so it is quite hard to get everyone together, but I think it’s worth trying.

My Top 10 Posts of 2017 were:

Wishing you all wonderful, magical, fun New Year! What would you like to read more in 2018? How can I be of service?