Fresh Start: 3 Common Signs You Need a Detox

It is time for spring cleaning. Time to get your home clean, throw out the clutter of things you don’t need, make space for new things to come into your life, internally and externally. A fresh start feels good! Today we’re talking about internal cleansing and the signs that you could use one. Of course, like everything, symptoms can be very different between individuals since we’re not all made from the same mold, and our bodies have different ways to tell us when we’re off. Here are some of the more common signs for you to make your own judgement if cleanse is needed.

3 Common Signs You Need a Detox:


Refined carbs, fast food and sweet things on your mind constantly? I’ve been there too. When it becomes unbearable and occupying my mind too often, I know that I need to take a drastic break from them to balance my body. This is when I do my 30-day Sugar Detox cutting out most sugars (gluten, high-sugar fruit, alcohol).This can normalize insulin sensitivity and help supply your cells with the right amount of glucose for maintaining energy, and prevent blood sugar spikes and dips and regulate hunger hormones.


Brain fog and tiredness are tied to poor blood sugar management as well as decreased blood flow (and sometimes stress or nutrient deficiencies). I can tell you that the difference between being off-sugar and my regular diet was like a night and day. I suffer from a serious brain fog not remembering what I’m suppose to do next, why I walked in to the kitchen and just generally feeling lethargic, not inspired to get off the couch and go outside. This all changed when I cut out sugars. It still amazes me how much what you eat or not eat can affect your well-being physically and mentally.


Digestive problems can include diarrhea, bloating, gas, constipation or acid reflux. They can be caused by a variety of reasons including allergies, poor eating habits, bad bacteria, pollutants  and emotional stress. By giving your system a little break from not-so-good-for-you foods enables your body to naturally heal itself, just like it is suppose to, when given half a chance. Fresh Start: 3 Common Signs You Need a Detox


I’m going sugar-free in April so if you feel like you could benefit from it too, join me and we’ll support each other. I’m doing the same candida cleanse that I’ve done before, so I’m using CandiGone herbal remedies to aid with the elimination of candida overgrowth, but you don’t have to get it.

Just eat simple, clean, real, fresh foods, especially tons of green leafy vegetables (in salads, smoothies, sauteed), drink plenty of water, and enjoy superfoods like maca, reishi, chaga, green powders and probiotic-rich foods (kimchi, kraut) along the way.

This is a mental challenge more than anything and will help you to find tools that work for YOU to fight the cravings when they hit. As time passes, you’ll notice your cravings subside slowly and your taste buds change dramatically. Sweet things start tasting too sweet to handle. When I did this cleanse for the first time many years ago I could no longer drink my daily chai or green tea latte from Starbucks because they were disgustingly sweet. I still cannot. Even the thought of it is yucky.

Get recipes and tips from my FREE eBook by clicking here. Also, I recommend adding some gently detoxing routines to your day like dry brushing, tongue scraping or warm lemon water. Watch all my gentle detox tips on Youtube here and pick one or two.

Fresh Start: 3 Common Signs You Need a Detox

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