Holidays in Finland

Few days ago I arrived to Finland after 16+ hours of traveling that started from Oakland, California. The first leg of the flight (10 hrs) went quite smooth. It was completely full flight and I was super uncomfortable from the moment I sat down (have I mentioned that I absolutely hate flying). After watching The Secret Life of Bees I fell asleep what felt like just 2 hours of very disrupted, body aching sleep I woke up to an announcement that we were just 1,5 hrs from landing.

I seriously though I had been kidnapped by the aliens or something because time had just disappeared. I was ecstatic though! I have excellent sleeping skills and have gone through long flights even before, sleeping the entire way through, but I didn’t expect it this time due to being so uncomfortable. I love when this happens.

My layover was in Stockholm, Sweden, 4 hours that was stretched to 5 hours due to delays. Luckily I found a juice bar at the airport, had some broccoli and carrots juiced and tried to stay awake. Yes, despite sleeping on the flight the time difference was heavily weighing on me. I also ate all the snacks I had made for the trip. I had chickpea salad (like tuna salad but without tuna) between two crispbreads and apple slices with almond butter.fullsizerender-3

I don’t even remember when I last spent Christmas in Finland. It has been over 13 years at least. Looking forward to healthifying traditional Christmas dishes, although they’re actually quite healthy already. Mainly root vegetable casseroles like potato casserole, carrot casserole and rutabaga casserole, Rosolli (mixed beetroot salad) and mushroom salad. Some of our traditional desserts include prune jam pastries (Joulutorttu), gingerbread cookies, mixed fruit soup, plum soup and rice pudding or rice porridge with cinnamon.

I’ll be posting more during my time here as I plan to try some new restaurants and cafes that have been on my mind since my last trip in February. There’s just so many cool little cafes (that all seem to serve raw vegan cakes!) and plant-based restaurants that I’ll be very well fed by the end of this trip. I just gotta remember to keep up with my police academy physical test training regime (mainly the push-ups!I have no upper body strength!).



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  1. Finland sounds remarkable! I look forward to seeing some traditional recipes! I never realized they were “healthy eaters” for lack of a better phrase!

  2. Wow! I would love to travel there. Looking forward to hearing your stories from there.

  3. I believe that the healthy trend is growing fast lately in Scandinavia. Would love to visit

  4. Sounds exciting and super fun! Can’t wait to see more pictures and most definitely amazing local foods and restaurants.
    One more place to add on my ” awesome places to visit” list. Thanks for sharing ♥

  5. Looks beautiful! Hope you have a really nice visit with your family

  6. Finland is on my to-travel list. Have a wonderful visit with your family.

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