6-Month Checkup

yosemite midyear goals

Yup, it’s time for that 6-month checkup again. Can you believe it’s already halfway through the year?! This mid-mark is the perfect time to take a deep breath, review the goals we made in the beginning of the year and affirm the direction for the rest of the year. Start your 6-Month Checkup by doing […]

Get Better Sleep

I must admit that I very rarely have trouble sleeping, like once a year rarely, usually when there’s a supermoon of some sorts or some other mystical planetary movements and so on :). I usually fall asleep as soon as I hit my head on the pillow (my husband is so jealous of that quality […]

May Cause Miracles

Little while ago I attended Gabby Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles Workshop at the gorgeous ABC Carpet & Home, probably the most amazing place to have events in Manhattan. It has special energy because so many great spiritual leaders have spoken there, plus it’s just simply beautiful place. Below are few notes I took during the […]