3 month update from San Francisco

I can’t believe I’ve been living here just for 3 months! Feels like a year! What I love about San Francisco: pretty hiking grounds, mountains, public transportation, space to breath, mild weather, sun, amazing Asian foods, sourdough bread, perfect distances for little road trips and overall “laidbackness”. I’ve just started working part-time in a luxury […]

My NYC Wellness Guide

In order to balance the hecticness of the city, you need to find ways to ground yourself and find serenity in the concrete jungle. The traffic, cars honking, fast walking serious people, slowly walking sidewalk hogging tourists and the noise of constant construction, cars flying by, people talking and subways rattling can get to you on […]


Another fun day trip to do while in San Francisco is Santa Cruz. It’s just about a 90 minute drive to pretty beaches, surfers, amusement park fun and relaxed beach town vibe. We played some games at the park, which by the way was founded in 1907 making it California’s oldest surviving amusement park, and […]