KUUMA Cafe (Helsinki)

I’ve been extremely impressed by the cafe scene here in Helsinki. It honestly beats both NYC and San Francisco. Yes, I said it. There are so many amazing options all within short walking distance, or a tram/subway ride away. Besides just coffee and tea, they all serve amazing sweet cakes (and raw vegan cakes!), pastries […]

Holidays in Finland

Few days ago I arrived to Finland after 16+ hours of traveling that started from Oakland, California. The first leg of the flight (10 hrs) went quite smooth. It was completely full flight and I was super uncomfortable from the moment I sat down (have I mentioned that I absolutely hate flying). After watching The […]


Even London is not known for it’s food, I must say that every single meal we had was amazing. Even outside London in Hampshire, where we spent a day with new friends. Of course, we had to try Korean restaurants, twice, while out there and yes, I was impressed. First one was modern Bi Bim Bap […]