DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

I must admit that I haven’t provided proper care for my yoga mat, which it deserves taking in all that sweat from hot yoga classes. Doing hot yoga 5 days a week right before heading to the office leaves me no time to let it air out and dry (no such place in my office). […]


This week I worked 1,5 days altogether, ate six home-made veggie burgers (bit of an addiction), babysat my cute five year old niece for the first time ever (just for about 15 minutes, but still), got my goals straight for the year and made a plan to make it happen, got inspired to make summer […]


I’m super excited that I’ve finally started doing yoga “full-time”. I’m talking about 4-5 times a week. And that feels amazing. I have written down a brand new 5-year life plan that has yoga playing quite integral role in it and I’m working to make it all happen. My yoga studio is just a quick […]