Vegan Memorial Day BBQ with Gardein

Memorial Day is almost here and that means hot, sunny, long weekend enjoying the outdoors and most probably barbecuing. The good news is that us plant-based fellas don’t have to miss out on any BBQ foods! I had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of Gardein’s BBQ ready meatless favorites (now 28 different options) […]


I fell in love with this Miso-Tahini Soup while taking a Probiotic Cooking Class in Montclair Adult School in NJ some years ago. We prepared multiple delicious dishes that evening, but this is the one that stuck with me all these years. I have this soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has quite unique […]


My body type (Vata) tends to feel cold most time and therefore I often crave warming foods such as soups or stews and warming spices such as cinnamon, horseradish, cardamon and cayenne. I like to drink my water room temperature and add just a little bit cinnamon in it. Oatmeals and chia puddings also get […]