I’ve suffered from serious constipation almost my entire life without even realizing it. My primary care doctor NEVER asked me about my bathroom habits. It took a visit to a Colon Hydrotherapist that revealed how backed up things really were (more about my experience here). I was also struggling with cystic acne at the time […]


Bye bye pie! Spring is finally here and April 1st could have not been better day to start a spring cleanse. What a beautiful week so far! Weather is finally warming up and sun is out. To celebrate the arrival of spring I’m doing a Candigone candida cleanse which I did last summer for 2 […]


Last time, when our kittens annual check up time approached, we decided to try a holistic vet. As I’ve taken more holistic approach on my own health, why wouldn’t I treat my little ones the same. We took them both there the same time in order to avoid an altercation which happens every time one […]