What you’ll get:

1. 3-Day Gentle Detox

This gentle, no-hassle Detox Guide includes 3 days of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll also get a handy shopping list and easy to digest tips for your detox. There will be no unpleasant side-effects like drastic detoxes often do. Do this detox if you feel tired or moody, after holiday indulging or traveling, if you’re craving for sweets and carbs, and want to reset quickly.

  • Heal your body from within
  • Lose weight safely
  • Balance your hormones with healing foods
  • Boost your immune system
  • Recalibrate your appetite and kick cravings
  • Reset your metabolism & reduce bloating

3 day gentle detox

2. Smoothie Guide and Recipe Booklet

These smoothies are tested and loved. We created and made them for a beginner smoothie class, some of the participants had never tried smoothies before, and everyone praised them. The smoothies in this book are great for newbie smoothie drinkers, and children as well (your kids will especially love our Purple People Eater).

3. Healthy City Guides

Where to eat, chill, hike, drink, meditate, do yoga and get centered in our two favorite cities.

wellness guide to san francisco

wellness guide to NYC

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