Berry Chia Pudding

Happy September! Can’t believe the fall time is here already! It is suppose to be really nice in Northern California this time of the year, because it is actually our summer. How cool! I’ve started my September with a bang attending a couple of Meetups here on our island and getting to know new people, […]


My body type (Vata) tends to feel cold most time and therefore I often crave warming foods such as soups or stews and warming spices such as cinnamon, horseradish, cardamon and cayenne. I like to drink my water room temperature and add just a little bit cinnamon in it. Oatmeals and chia puddings also get […]


I like to snack and instead of grabbing that bag of potato chips when I’m hungry or just bored (yes, many of us snack for boredom) I rather have healthier things lying around the house in case of these kinds of occasions. I found this recipe online while back so unfortunately I do not have […]