Tasty Super Coffee

It has been a while (again) since I’ve managed to get a post out. I’m trying to establish one hour once per week when I check myself into a cafe for an entire hour focusing only on writing. I’ve scheduled this “power-hour” in my calendar next week so let’s see if I’m able to stick to it :). I’ve started going to yoga classes before work instead of after work so now my evenings are free again, which feels nice. And it feels quite magical doing yoga in the dark heated room at 7am.

We’ve been experiencing devastating wildfires in San Francisco’s North Bay and it has brought some seriously unhealthy air to our area, sky being filled with smoke and ashes. I’ve stayed indoors as much as possible, boosting my immune with supplements, herbs and anti-inflammatory, high-antioxidant foods. Smoke causes inflammation via oxidative damage so antioxidants seem like an excellent choice here.

In addition to your standard supplements, many herbs and plants foods contain copious amounts of Vitamin C and other antioxidants. Rose (leaf, petal, fruit), Elderberries, Thyme and Stinging Nettles are all great choices, plus my usual probiotics and turmeric. See list of top 10 Vitamin C foods here.  Aim to 4000 – 5000mg of Vitamin C per day. Amalaki (also called amla) is also a good alternative, as it is a natural, herbal source of vitamin C. If you’re having difficulty breathing due to smoke, try herbal tea made from Slippery Elm, Marshmallow root and Licorice root

I’ve also included tasty super-coffee drinks to my wellness routine that I have a feeling you’re going to love. This type of coffee is:

*Less acidic than normal coffee (no stomach burning)
*Extremely high quality (no pesticides, no mycotoxins)
*Includes powerful antioxidants and immune boosting properties…
*Boosts your brain and productivity (I so need this at times)
*Reduces stress, improves concentration, memory, and alertness

And best of all — it tastes great.

So what’s this mystery super coffee?

It’s called Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, and it has gotten me curious about the powers of medicinal mushrooms. I’ve been having the hot cacao mix for a boost in the morning, the reishi mushroom elixir at night before bed, and the mushroom coffee itself certainly gives me energy and clarity!

Strong decoction of Reishi is excellent for lessening inflammation and nervous system reactivity while increasing lung capacity, endurance and energy. Reishi is an adaptogen with an affinity for the respiratory system. As such, it is best used consistently over time. Reishi has a huge arrange of application but is phenomenal in the context of wildfire smoke exposure because of the way it increases energy, decreases inflammation, calms the nervous system and serves to protect and heal the lungs.

Of course, I wouldn’t mention something like this without having negotiated a deal for you, and here it is:

Four Sigmatic is offering their sampler pack – 8 mushroom drink packets of all their flavors — for just $10. AND — you’ll get a $10 coupon toward your next purchase (I am certain after tasting their drinks, you’ll want more!) so it completely pays for itself.

I know you’ll enjoy it as much as we have!

So be sure to grab your mushrooms here, and for a limited time receive 10% off your order with my discount code KATARIINA10. Learn more here. 

P.S. This exclusive offer ends 10/31/17 so be sure to grab your discount now before it’s too late.

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