Life Lately…

I cannot wait for the winter to be over and spring to start. Spring has that energy of renewal and possibilities that I love. Spring makes me come out of my hibernation cave, meet people, try new things, explore, get active and adventurous. I’ve almost felt it in the air this past week when sun was shining and I was sitting at my fave cafe writing away, but then came the weekend, pouring rain and some strange allergy/cold (I’m not sure what I have).

Night Cap

Warm cup of Reishi has become my favorite way to end the day. My bedtime routine is to get the water boiling, feed the cats (or they will wake us up at night for food), drink reishi, go to bed, write in my 5-year journal, and finally, read couple of pages of the book I’m currently trying to finish (The Wisdom of Tao). Medicinal mushrooms have become the “it”-thing in the wellness world and you can get 10% OFF when you use my code KATARIINA10. Plus Four Sigmatic donates free mushrooms to cancer patients for every box they sell.


I’ve joined my husband for a few mornings now at his gym. We get up at 4.10am, leave the house 4.15am and drive 5 minutes to get there. No other crazy people are there that early so we have it all to ourselves, which is awesome. I’ve always felt timid at the gym with all the machines, not sure if I’m using them correctly, and the feeling that people are staring at me waiting for me to make a mistake. Super self-conscious. Anybody else?

Now, that it’s just the two of us, I’m quite fierce. As soon as we get in I just throw my jacket off and start my warm-up at the elliptical. From there I move to arms, shoulders and chest, then legs, then back to arms, back to legs, then run, and finally yoga/stretching/headstand to end my session. No breaks! I love my routine. We barely even talk to each other because we’re so focused on our own training. So perfect. 


My food has been extremely simple lately, yet amazingly delicious. I’ve basically eaten just veggies from my Farm Fresh To You box (get $15 OFF your first box with code KATA2423 ), usually sauteeing them in coconut oil, fresh garlic, little tamari and Hot Thai Peanut Sauce. I got a bit of a hot peanut sauce addiction going on at the moment. I have my veggies with Ancient Grains mix (quinoa, amaranth, millet) and a side of kimchi or sauerkraut. Simplifying my food.

Since my husband is back at the gym he has requested a green smoothie to be made for him for his after workout snack. That has made me drink them daily again. I can get lazy making smoothies for myself, but if I have to make them for him, I won’t skip a day, because I’m so happy he is taking care of his health again.


Currently reading… Audiobook: Universe Has Your Back. Actual Book: The Tao of Inner Peace. Next book to be read: Getting the Love you Want. Podcasts I’m digging: Food Heals, Hungry for More, and Beauty Inside Out.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you knew that you were taken care of every month when it’s “that time of the month“? I use organic tampons and I have to go to our local natural market or Whole Foods to get them (not a short walk away). That’s why I’m so happy I’ve discovered Lola that delivers my organic stuff once a month directly to my door. No more worries about that anymore either! Removing worries from my life one item at a time. Simplify!

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  1. Enjoying your blog! Wish I could get my husband to work out in any way at 4am haha. My routine lately has been getting up around 5:30ish, meditating for 10 minutes (I use the Headspace app, have you tried it?), followed by 15-20 minutes of yoga. Unfortunately our son got sick recently and I’ve spent my every waking moment catering to him (and now I’m sick) hoping we can all get back to business this coming Monday!

    1. Sorry to hear you’re sick! I also caught some bug but fought it off quite quickly.
      I use Insight Timer for my meditations, I usually do just 5 mins. Still learning to get comfortable with that amount of time and then starting to increase it one minute at a time.
      Hope you’ll get back to normal soon! XO

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