1-Minute Ritual to Change Your Entire Day

January has been extremely rainy (when it rains here, it pours!) and quite cold, although we’ve get to enjoy the sun quite often as well. Nothing better than waking up to sunshine. I’ve completely ignored my gym membership since returning from my vacation in Finland. My excuse has been: “it is too cold to ride my bicycle to the gym”. Yeah, I’m working on motivating myself to get back to it.

To be honest, I haven’t felt motivated doing much anything. I’ve been having a very long pity party in my head because I’m not signed up for yoga teacher training yet, I’m not making $1000/month from my blog yet, I don’t own a tiny house yet, I cannot do a handstand yet, I do not have a baby yet, I haven’t quit my day job yet and I haven’t changed my hair style yet. I feel like I’m stuck yet again.1-Minute Ritual to Change Your Entire Day

I am aware though, that it is all in my head, and I am the only person responsible over how I feel, and the only person who can change the way I feel. Therefore, I needed to start a ritual to help me slowly get out of the funk. It needed to be super fast so that I wouldn’t be able to make excuses not having time to do it. So this one only takes about a minute, many times even less than a minute. Sometimes I set a timer for one minute to know when it’s time to stop.

One Minute Ritual to Change your Entire Day

What is this mind-altering ritual I’m talking about? It is simply:

in the evening, before going to sleep, stating that today was a great day because I did …., ….. and ….. .

For example: Today was a great day because I wrote a blog post, Facetimed with my bestie, cooked a delicious meal, binge-watched “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix with my husband, donated a bag of clothes for Vietnam Veterans, helped a friend with her pregnancy food choices, read 5 pages of the book I’ve been trying to finish for a month, drank a green smoothie, paid the water bill, went for a 30-minute walk, sang a love song for my cats (and they didn’t even walk away) and organized the pantry. Simples.

You can write it down if you want to, or just state it in your head, or out loud.

1-Minute Ritual to Change Your Entire Day

It is a very subtle shift and doing it daily, you’re not focused on long-term goals (which often fail), but instead how you want to feel today, and tomorrow. Try it and let me know how it goes for you.

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3 Replies to “1-Minute Ritual to Change Your Entire Day”

  1. Thanks for sharing this tip, it actually sounds doable 🙂 And we could also put a daily reminder in our calendar to go off every evening, because I tend to forget things like this after a few days.

    1. Hi Nela! Yes! I set reminders on my phone for everything (starting with having a water breaks and remembering to Skype my parents) so this could be one of those things to add. I like to quiet down before starting to sleep so adding this to my routine besides reading a couple of pages of any book I’m currently reading and writing in my 5-year journal is totally doable!

      Have a great rest of the week! XO

  2. I love when someone writes a how to that is short and to the point. There is nothing as off putting to me as an article that says there are 11 steps to solving your issue.

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