5 Healthy Favorites

I cannot believe it’s almost the end of September! It’s been quite hot here lately and I hope it continues for a while because I’m not ready for winter (even if it’s California winter). It does not feel like fall at all, although I did see an ad for a huge pumpkin patch the other day when I was riding my bike to the gym. And I just submitted an article for an online magazine for fall cocktails (with all the fall favorites like cranberries, apple cider, pumpkin spice and cinnamon). Looking forward to visiting it and having our annual pumpkin carving party.


1.Raw Organic Protein powder

I love this brand (I also get their B12 spray that’s in methylcobalamin form) and this specific powder was recommended by Kimberly Snyder, my nutritional go-to-person. Besides protein it also has vitamins A, D, E and K, and probiotics and enzymes. Quite the package. I don’t think it tastes like anything because I haven’t noticed my smoothie flavor changed at all since starting to use this. I add a scoop to our daily smoothies.


2. Nutritional yeast

One way to get your B-vitamins and add flavor to your food in nutritional yeast. I put this s*** on everything like it’s Frank’s Hot Sauce. My kittens also go crazy when they hear the can opening because they too, just like their mommy, loves it. It has a cheesy flavor so maybe that’s why my cats go nuts for it, but I did check with our holistic vet and he said it’s ok to give it to them. So I sprinkle it on top of their food, just like I sprinkle it on top of my food. Different brands can have very different flavor and Bragg’s is one that tastes good.

3. Jackfruit

I’ve been curious about this alternative for tempeh and tofu products for a while now and found it at our Whole Foods finally. I used it exactly as pictured: during our traditional weekly taco/burrito night and was very happy with the flavor and texture. More of these! (and taco nights!)IMG_9963

4. Almond butter and jelly sandwiches

Who would’ve thought that one day I’d learn to like the oh-so classic American dish called Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich. I remember when I first heard of it and thought it sounded nasty. Then one night, when I was home alone and hungry, with much nothing to eat, I decided to make one. With almond butter, of course instead of peanut butter. And it was not so bad. It quickly became my quick snack after-gym when I’m always hungry like horse,¬†and something easy to make to bring with me to work for breakfast. I just make sure that I make it with quality ingredients, like Ezekiel or Three Bakers gluten-free bread, organic jam and raw almond butter.img_8709

5. My own Health Coach

I’m one of those people that needs someone to hold me accountable so I can stay on track with healthy eating. Yes, even Health Coaches have their own Health Coaches. When I’m about to make a bad decision (like having a second soy ice cream sandwich right after the first one) I remember that I’m going to have to confess that to her on our next call and then, like magic, I no longer crave for it :). I love coming up with new goals for my health and figuring out what’s working and what’s not with someone who has the knowledge and experience. If you’re someone who has a goal you’d like support with, schedule a free consultation with me here. I focus on plant-based whole foods, digestion and gentle detoxification.


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