Ten22 Farm to Table Restaurant in Sacramento

Ten22 Sacramento

Ten22 Sacramento

After going round and round, up and down the 8-block radius that’s called the Old Sacramento, we got hungry and started Googling restaurants we would agree on (we disagree a lot). “Farm-to-table” is the key ingredient in our restaurant searches and we found this highly rated gem, a farm to table restaurant Ten22. Their back patio was just absolutely gorgeous and nothing beats fresh local veggies, so we felt like we hit the jackpot with this one. That’s why I called it a gem. We tried their cocktails too (lychee martini is always a good choice, and so is Moscow Mule) and just enjoyed the beautiful non-humid sunny California weather. So lovely. Thank you Ten22.

Ten22 Sacramento Ten22 Sacramento I cannot remember at all what my appetizer salad was (but it sure looks good on the photo), but for entree I chose local peas (so sweet and yummy!) with ravioli and fresh mint. I’ll never cook with frozen peas again after this experience. Promise. Freshness makes all the difference.Ten22 SacramentoTen22 Sacramento Ten22 Sacramento

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