5 Simple Tips for More Energy

Could use some more energy? I’m sure 99% of us could. This is the #1 reason why people hire me to help them. My clients want to increase their energy, because we all know, that with more energy we’ll feel happier, more productive and more pleasant to be around. There are so many ways to boost your energy, but I chose these 5 simple tips for more energy that I find most helpful and they can be done right away, anywhere and any time.

Why not just drink coffee?

Caffeine is physically and psychologically addictive with withdrawal symptoms including headaches, flu-like symptoms, depression, fatigue and irritability.  It also causes other physical issues like jitteriness, dehydration, and digestive problems. Caffeine is processed through your liver, which adds a burden to the already hardworking liver. Start depending on caffeine for energy for too long and you could end up overtaxing your adrenal glands, which makes you feel even more tired, and imbalances your body. An imbalanced body is even more energy-depleted. I personally started drinking coffee in my late 20’s and noticed that some days I would get very nauseous, anxious and jittery while at work. Obviously a sign that something is not a fit for me. Nowadays I rarely drink coffee, maybe once per month when I get in the mood to spend a day working at a cute cafe somewhere.

yoga stretching for energy

My 5 simple tips for more energy:

1. Stay well hydrated

Make it a habit to drink one big glass of water right upon waking up. Your body works hard at night to cleanse, balance and repair your body and therefore in the morning you will be dehydrated. Keep a big mason jar on your nightstand that you fill at night before going to bed so that when you wake up you don’t even have to think about it.

After that have your cup of warm lemon water (add some turmeric, cinnamon and chia seeds too if you like). Then have your green smoothie for even more nutrition. It provides the vitamins and minerals you need to kickstart your day, plus plenty of fiber to keep you full  and prevent a blood sugar spike. Add some spirulina or chlorella and you’ll get tons of energy + vitamins and minerals.

Why is it so important to drink enough water? When you’re dehydrated your body can’t flush out the toxins from your cells ,causing you to feel exhausted. Even mild dehydration makes you tired. So whenever you have a chance, drink up! I bring my pretty pink Lifefactory glass bottle to work with me so I can refill it multiple times a day, sipping from it all throughout the day.green smoothie for energy

2. Deep breathing

Many people fail to breathe deeply when they feel tense which prevents the body from getting enough oxygen. So make your breathing deeper and slower. This will slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation = provides more energy.

Schedule alarms on your phone throughout the day (one or twice an hour) to remind you to take a breather. Close your eyes, center yourself and take as many deep breaths as you feel you need. Stretch your back and arms at the end.

healthy energy tips deep breathing

3. Pair Your Foods Properly

Are you one of those people who needs a nap after they eat? This may be because of the way you combine different food groups. When you stop pairing heavy foods together you’ll have more energy because not all of it is going to digesting the food. You’ll also be able to absorb nutrients better. So keep meals simple and balanced, and cut down the amount of concentrated foods there are on your plate.

Also, eat light to heavy. This means that you start your meals with foods that digest the quickest (fruit is the fastest of them all!) before munching down the heavy stuff like beans, potatoes and grains.

healthy energy foods fruits

4. More Magnesium

Increase the amount of magnesium-rich foods in your diet, like leafy greens, especially Swiss chard and spinach, quinoa, millet, almonds, Brazil nuts, tempeh, pumpkin-, sesame- and sunflower seeds.

Women and men ages 31 and up need 320 and 420 mg of magnesium every day . The body typically absorbs only 20-25% of the ingested magnesium. My homeopathic doctor recommended that besides eating magnesium-rich foods and taking a high quality supplement, I should also use magnesium oil for foot soaks and baths, because it absorbs well through the skin. I get my oils, seaweeds and activated almonds straight from my doctor here. Oh, and every now and then I drink this before bed.healthy energy foods berries

5. Get enough rest

You know how much sleep you need. I feel great after 8 hours, sometimes up to 10. Consider investing on a high-quality pillow, and keep the room cool and fresh. More sleep tips here.

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  1. Wade Erickson says: Reply

    Kat: Great looking site and information. Thanks for the tips. With life moving so fast and little time to eat and drink well; alittle bit of focus in the right places can help so much. That quick hit of caffeine and handful of sugar (called Monster) can just as easily be replaced with a healthy drink of quality plant based ingredients for “true” energy. For most our metabolism shift at 30 is the killer. Thanks Again.

  2. Thanks for the great article! I’m going to be actively working on these tips for the next couple of weeks until I can make these a habit.

  3. Loved this post! I struggle with staying hydrated, but this post really encouraged me to drink more water so I can enjoy the benefits of more energy, focus, and better skin.

  4. Being pregnant this post nails it on the head. Great reminders and I will definitely be thinking about how to better “pair my food!” great post and hoping to get more energy through better choices soon!

  5. Love it! I live in a dry climate so I work hard to make sure I’m hydrated.

  6. With chronic adrenal fatigue, these tips were great reminders for me. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to do these simple things to keep the energy up or going.

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