6-Month Checkup

yosemite midyear goals

Yup, it’s time for that 6-month checkup again. Can you believe it’s already halfway through the year?! This mid-mark is the perfect time to take a deep breath, review the goals we made in the beginning of the year and affirm the direction for the rest of the year.

Start your 6-Month Checkup by doing these 4 things:

1.Reassess and contemplate

Sit in a quiet place and bring your focus on what you really want to achieve before the year is over. Re-read the goals you set in the beginning of the year and get more clear with them.

2. Make a wishlist

If you could have anything, be anything, or do anything, what would it be? Spend 5 minutes writing down every single thing that comes to your mind. Use a timer. Be specific. Aim high. Don’t worry about being “realistic”. Just write. Next, pick 4 goals that would have the most impact in your life. Create a timeline with action steps when each one of these 4 goals needs to be completed.

3. Get creative

Fill yourself with inspiration, read books, make connection with people you admire and look up to, be fearless trying new things and travel any chance you get. When you expand your world you’ll learn to think outside the box and discover ways to accomplish your goals and make life more fun.

4. Make your goals priority

Do something every single day, no matter how small it is, that will get you closer to your goals. Do not put them in the back burner and think you’ll get to them “one day”. Take tiny steps, daily, towards your dreams. Consistency is the key here.

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EXAMPLE WORKSHEET to get you started:

midyear goals worksheet