5 Favorites Of The Week

SALADS. Yup, I’m still going hard on the salad kick. It has just become the easiest and almost joyful way to get lunch.dinner on the table. Throw things together in a big salad bowl, add homemade dressing (=avocado) and feel light and happy. Get salad inspiration from this book!
CHIA PUDDING. I was eating oatmeal all winter-long and now that summer is here it’s time to transition to something lighter. Chia puddings are the perfect breakfast topped with whatever fruits or berries you have at home. I also like to add raw cacao nibs and bee pollen to mine to give it an extra nutritional punch.
KOMBUCHA. When I want to party, but not drink alcohol, Kombucha steps in. It’s festive, bubbly, delicious, yet good for you. If you can drink alcohol, add a splash of vodka! It’s still a better option than mixing you liquor with fruit juices or soda.
SUPERFOODS. My sister was recently visiting New York and brought some Finnish superfoods with her. I haven’t really experimented with mushrooms before, but these drinkable Reishi and Chaga powders are very powerful immune and hormone balance boosting magic drinks. No hallucinations included! Mushrooms contain some of the most powerful natural medicines on the planet. Many medicinal mushrooms having strong anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Order them all here. Wild Blueberry and Sea Buckthorn powders are old favorites and go to my homemade kefirs, smoothies and even baked goods.
NUTRITIONAL YEAST. Also known as nooch. I sprinkle it on pretty much any savory food (especially pasta) including salads. Nooch is rich in B vitamins, which are especially important to your body to maintain a good food metabolism, a healthy nervous system and to help your body regenerate red blood cells. This is my favorite brand.

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