I’m happy to present my first ever annual gift guide. These are some of my favorite products, some that I already own and some that are on my wish list.

Gifts for Beauty Mavens
I received Yogi’s Choice body scrub in a gift bag at Global Mala Yoga Festival and been using it since then instead of body wash. Love, love, love the mature, spicy scent. Yum.
I fell in love with Sugar Kiss scent when I was gifted their body scrub about a year ago. So I was extremely happy when they came out with Sugar Kiss spray! Most amazing scent ever. I wear it every single day.
Hermosa Beach Soap Co. is a natural, eco-conscious bath, body and home company based in sunny California. All products are handcrafted using only the highest quality raw materials available. The owner, Kara is a strong believer in that what you apply to your skin should be pure and natural (and so do I!). Support small businesses!
This company is from my home country Finland and is fully owned by Finnish Kalevala Women´s Association, i.e. some 4000 women devoted to preserve and advance our national cultural heritage. How cool! I’ve adored their jewelry since forever and I own these Moon Goddess earrings, this Water Sign ring in silver and bronze,  these Sun Lion earrings (link to cufflinks with same design), this Bird of Hattula necklace my mom got me for this Christmas and this Paradise necklace I won in a Facebook competition (that’s still going on by the way over here).
Gifts for Foodies
I’m a huge lover of kimchi, but it is quite pricey to buy at the supermarket. Therefore I’ve been meaning to make my own for a while now. The only special item needed is Korean chili powder (kochukaru) and miso paste when using this recipe for vegan kimchi.

I replaced our regular drinking glasses with Mason Jars I bought from the dollar store for couple of bucks. These are great for storing just about anything. When I make double batches of smoothies I keep next day’s portion stored in it and it’s easy to take with me to work. I also keep most my superfoods stored in them. Easy to clean, portable and toxin-free. Oh, and super cute.

Lemons are the essence of my mornings. And since I’m not a morning person

8. Organic Hemp Heart Starter Pack from Manitoba Harvest
Great little gift pack for anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. I love the hemp hearts and use them in my smoothies every day.
Gifts for Fabulous Health & Fitness Friends
You like to do the right thing for you, exercise, eat super healthy all organic foods and yet what you’re wearing is probably the most unhealthy thing for you. Most synthetic fibers are treated with immense amounts of toxic chemicals, before, during, and after the process of making them. Start switching your wardrobe little by little. Cotton is super breathable, and has a high absorbency rate.
Glass is one of the greenest materials on the planet and it is 100% recyclable and safe. Unlike plastic, glass is free of BPA and other harmful chemicals, which can leach into your drink. Using reusable glass bottle also benefits the environment. And I feel kind of cool drinking from it instead of crappy plastic bottle. 🙂
I’m sure lot of people are planning on doing something healthy after all the holidays and 3-day juice cleanse is the perfect start for it. I did it last summer and felt amazing afterwards. Urban Remedy’s juices are organic and absolutely delicious. Read about my experience here.

As you may know I started studying at IIN little over a month ago to be a holistic health coach. And I still feel very strongly that I’m on the right path and very passionate about the subjects we’re learning. If you have someone in your life that’s into holistic, healthy, happy living, this is the best gift you can ever give them. Contact me if you have any questions.

Other ideas: 
-self-care gift basket (Epsom salts, dry body brush, tongue scraper and other natural products)
-essential oils package (carrier oils, oil lamp)
-superfoods gift basket (raw cacao powder, hemp seeds, spirulina, maca, ashwagandha, goji berries, chia seeds, cacao nibs etc.)

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