This year was somehow easy to come up with gifts for him and I might have gone a little overboard. I think one gift is totally fine for grown ups, ten a bit much. I guess that means someone’s been a good boy… 

Just in case you are reading this Marcus, STOP, because here comes a spoiler, I’m revealing your gifts. So here we go. I got him double-breasted military cardigan from Express , memory foam slippers, plaid pajamas, gorgeous dark orange winter scarf from Zara, black faux leather wristbands from Aldo (very rock ‘n’ roll), black rhodium sterling silver rosary necklace, silver dog tag necklace, Canon HD camcorder with 8GB memory card and bass guitar for beginners instructional DVD.  Hope he likes them. If not, seven of those items are things that I would love to own too, so… Not a problem. 😉

I also might go visit one of our local tattoo parlors to check them out and might get a gift card there… And if I see iTunes gift card anywhere before Saturday that might have to be bought too. Music is always a great gift. 

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ” -William A. Ward


  1. Sounds like you spoil your man just as much as I spoil mine! =) It's fun! =)
    Have a merry christmas!

  2. ah, I'd be seriously tempted to steam open the presents late at night. Good thing Mark and I don't have a tree for this reason!!

    the place looks awesome and festive. I hope he enjoys his gifts!!

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