Spring Clean Your Health

Spring is the time of the year when I feel most inspired to make changes in my life. I’m motivated to learn new things, meet new people, start living healthier, make improvements in all areas of my life. I start going for walks, bike rides,  do more yoga (especially now that I have a private yard just for myself), drink more water, actually remember to take my supplements, use essential oils, eat big salads, do a light cleanse and start socializing again.

It feels good to come out of the winter hibernation (although since moving to California the hibernation period has become much shorter than when living in Northeast and Finland). Here are few tips to get your spring on the good, healthy way!


Visit a farmers market and pick a vegetable or fruit you’ve never tried before. Talk to the vendors and ask questions and tips on how to prepare this new, exciting item. Try to do it once a week and by the end of the summer you’ve become a produce expert of some sorts!


With the right kind of drinks. Start your mornings with warm lemon water, add a hint of cinnamon if you like it.  Try a fresh green juice, celery  juice with a splash of lemon, or a smoothie. Preferably every day. Switch your morning coffee to mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic, or have a matcha latte instead.


I had fresh turmeric and ginger juice at a farmers market in San Francisco and thought that I should have it more often. This is a strong anti-inflammatory and immune boosting combo. When I feel a little itch in my throat from spring allergies I eat a little piece of turmeric and it goes away. How awesome. You can juice it with lemon and ginger or add it to your tea.


I started sprouting seeds some years ago and it’s super easy to do. When a seed sprouts, powerful enzymes and higher levels of nutrients are activated. I add sprouts to smoothies, salads and cold sandwiches.

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