Nesting during quarantine

We’ve been staying (mostly) inside for the past couple of weeks and it has been stressful (not too sure about my job security at the moment) and has required some serious mindset adjustments. I’ve always loved being home and doing creative things, but this time it has been different. I haven’t enjoyed it. But as it seems that this will continue for quite a long while now, I’ve decided to make this work by creating work-from-home routines and morning rituals.

One thing that is important for my concentration and efficiency is having a workspace that’s organized, clean and pretty. We moved in to this house a year ago, yet our entrance/dining/kitchen still felt very unfinished and not an area where I like to hang out. I decided to tackle that with my extra time in quarantine and make it comfortable and pretty again, one step at a time.

Wall art makes such difference, and so do rugs, but while I’m still deciding on the rug, my friends at Photowall sent me this amazing canvas print that gives me direction on where I want this area of the house to go. I chose animal motif because… my huge love for animals. I almost went with cats but then looked around and noticed crazy cat lady theme in my life already and decided on a fox instead (see my discount code at the end of this post).

Photowall shipped the print super fast in easy to assemble pieces that required just sticking the frame pieces together (they have tape on them) and 4 screws to secure everything together. Super simple! I’m already in search of another print for our living room.

Next in the agenda is to find a rug that goes underneath the dining table, move the cat’s litter box a bit further away for better dining enjoyment, and hanging the mirror and picture on the wall. We are renting so have been avoiding putting any holes in the walls but our property manager did say it’s fine since they would repaint anyways between each tenant.

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