Kat’s Meows of the Week

What a roller coaster 2020 has been already. And it’s only the first quarter! I sure wish things will get better starting Q2 for everyone’s sake. We experienced some loss, some gains, happy travels, cancelled travels, and are currently grateful that both hubs and I still have our jobs (and are able to work from home). And of course, that everyone we know is healthy.

I’m having more free time than ever before so my goal is to create daily routines and MAKE THEM STICK. I started today with yoga and felt so much better the rest of the day. I have had a long break from yoga.

I’ve also started meditating daily, mostly outside in our garden in the sun so I can get my vitamin D at the same time (always multitasking). Reading books is another challenge of mine that I’m tackling.

I wish I had a dog to take out for daily walks because I find walking alone quite darn boring (even if I’m listening to podcasts).

Cooking has not been on my mind lately because I’ve been quite nauseous for months, but now that I’m feeling better I hope to start creating delicious meals in our kitchen. I was just gifted the Instant Pot and Vegan Instant Pot cookbook that I want to put in good use finally.

Loving : Creating new routines to sequence my day now that we are working from home full time (since March 5th). I’ve started meditating daily, some days twice per day and can tell the difference in my body and mind.

Eating : All the grapefruit and green apples with Cashew Cacao butter (so good!)

Listening : Harry Potter soundtracks to get me focused while working at home with my husband also around (he is very loud on the phone)

Reading : Re-reading Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions (still). Hoping to start Spirit Babies by the end of March.

Smelling : Palo Santo first thing in the morning. Diffusing On Guard to kill germs.

Adoring : Sweet posts and photos from all the foster families that took in our cats and dogs in when we had to empty our shelter because of COVID-19.

Craving : Oatly’s strawberry ice cream.

Looking forward to : This pandemic being over so I can see my niece that was born a couple of weeks ago. Also, attend Seane Corn’s yoga retreat that I booked for my 40th birthday gift (got postponed due to the virus).

Quote I currently like : “You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.” Unknown

One tip for you : Stay hydrated, drink warm lemon water with probiotics first thing in the morning, spend time in the sun, take zinc, D3, and elderberry syrup. Here’s a great resource for you if you want to dig deeper into protecting yourself from the virus.