What I Love About Alameda

For two and some years we’ve been living in a little (population 80 000) island of Alameda off the San Francisco Bay. We’re just a skip and a hop away from the city of San Francisco, yet when you enter the island, either through the tunnel, bridge or the ferry, you come to a place that’s very different from everything that surrounds it. On the other side of the tunnel is Oakland (and tent cities), the almost non-stop traffic jams of the Bay Bridge and big highways left and right, north and south. See more of my Alameda photos on Instagram using #katsalameda hashtag, or just click HERE.

When you enter Alameda you’re surrounded by palm trees, little indie stores (yes, there’s also those big box stores, but we don’t have to mention them), cafes, so many amazing restaurants, everyone seems to have a dog or two, people live in cute little bungalows, ride bikes and are totally relaxed about how they look like.¬†¬†Another major thing that attracted us about the island was the warm-summer Mediterranean climate it offers. No fog of the peninsula over here!

What I love about Alameda

Reading by the beach

We live just about 10 minute walk from the big park (tennis courts, football field, basketball, running track) and the beach. I love coming here and sitting by the water reading a book. There’s so many different kinds of birds and my good friends; the chipmunks, to entertain you if your book gets boring.

Riding my bicycle down the Shoreline Public T