How I Use My Essential Oils

As you may have seen and guessed, I’ve become so much of an essential oil enthusiast that I’m now an advocate with my own website selling them! Yes, I blame thank my beautiful friend Kirsten whom I met last year at one of my favorite cafes on our island, Julie’s. We’re both holistic wellness fanatics and have that similar goofiness in us that we got along right away. She educated me plenty about the benefits of the essential oils (specifically DoTerra’s oils) and got me completely hooked.

I’ve started first with the basics and slowly added more oils to my repertoire. I also use essential oil blends such as Cheer (instead of perfume to lift my mood), Purify (diffuse in the living room to clean the air since we live with dos gatos), and Serenity that I diffuse at night before going to bed (I set the diffuser timer to turn off automatically in 2 hours). The scent makes it a very comfy bedroom!

Below are some of my regulars and how I use them. They’re really multitaskers!

On Guard (blend)

I diffuse this blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon and rosemary in the mornings.

I make my own mouthwash with this for oil pulling (clove is excellent for dental health) mixing On-Guard with pure water and coconut oil.

Add one to two drops under the tongue mornings and nights to boost immunity (I do this especially now when everyone in our office is sick).

Also for immunity boost: Mix Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Oregano, Lemon and On Guard in a roller bottle with carrier oil and use on the bottom of the feet for immune support every morning. For prevention roll it up and down your spine, or gargle with water for sore throat. You can also add it to warm water to make health boosting tea.


Lavender is very calming and soothing to both skin and emotions.

You can use it for skin burns topically to remove throbbing burning sensation. I also diffuse it often and even have a spray bottle on my nightstand that has Serenity in it mixed together with some extra lavender (and pure water). I spray it to our pillows and my eye mask before bedtime.


Can be taken internally. Have couple of drops under the tongue after meal to aid digestion, or when not feeling so well (nauseous). It also helps you to stay regular when traveling if you’re one of those people (like me) that has severe digestive reactions every time I fly (the worst). Topically you can use this blend mixed together with carrier oil and massage on your belly area.


Put a couple of drops in your water bottle (steel or glass only). When I make my warm lemon water in the morning I add this lemon oil (extracted from lemon peel) AND lemon juice. Great when you fly and get bloated. Also for all you wanna-be Martha Stewarts out there: works great on stain removal. And of course, DETOXIFYING.


The King of oils. Too precious to diffuse, but I use 2 drops under tongue morning and night for cellular health. Prevention of everything bad in life (pretty much).

You can use topically for dark spots, moles, age spots, wrinkles and so on.

When you feel a head tension coming just add a drop on your thumb and hold on the roof of your mouth for 3 seconds, wait 10 mins and then repeat 2-3 times.


Great for skin. Use for blemishes topically, for nail fungus, or  add a drop to a skin cleanser at night.


I add a few drops to my New Wash for healthy scalp and more volume. P.S. If you want to stop shampooing and try New Wash, email me for 25% OFF.


Works for those nasty slowly worsening headaches you usually feel coming way ahead of time. Place a drop directly under the tongue, on your temples, and behind ears. Plus you’ll smell extra refreshing! I use this at work every single day for general “cheer me up” and get comments from co-workers all the time when people walk past my office!

Energize your shower time by adding a drop of peppermint oil to the corners of the shower to lift your mood in the morning. I also have a little glass bottle with a mix of pure water and peppermint/eucalyptus oil that I spray around when I shower, or get ready in the mornings. Aromatherapy at its best.

You can also use pure peppermint oil to brownies, cookies, cakes for that delicious minty flavor, or make peppermint hot cacao, or tea. Plus it’s helps with upset stomach so it’s a win-win kind of oil (they all are :)).

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions you have about these oils. Visit my site HERE for information and to buy!