With Love from Venice Beach

Some holidays are approaching and some of them have already passed so it’s about time to show you the beauty of Los Angeles, specifically Venice Beach, where we spent all our time during our little Thanksgiving break trip. I must admit I haven’t experienced L.A. beyond Venice and Santa Monica so my knowledge is based on those two areas only. But I do love L.A. a whole lot. Last time we stayed in Santa Monica mostly and one night in West Hollywood. 

This time we really wanted to be right on the beach, so that we could hear the ocean at night when bars and restaurants have closed and people gone home, and wake up to see the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. We found the perfect little hotel right on Rose Avenue and Ocean Front Walk called Air Venice. It was clean, comfortable, airy and bright, thanks to a wall of windows facing the beach and boardwalk. We sat in front of the window whenever we were in the room and just watch all the funny/strange/interesting stuff going on the boardwalk. No need for TV when there’s a real life reality show right outside your window all day long. Photo below is the view from our room.

Weather was perfectly warm so we rented bikes and rode back and forth along the beach, walked everywhere, ate delicious foods (restaurant post coming soonish) and just people watched. Venice undoubtedly has some of the coolest looking people in the world. There were so many places I didn’t get to check off my list (my list for Venice is loooong) like Cafe Gratitude, Plant Food & Wine, Tom’s, Gjusta, Great White, Bondi Harvest, Gjelina and the Four Sigmatic store that has recently opened. I so want to try their mushroom matcha!