Butcher’s Daughter in Venice

One more restaurant recommendation from our Thanksgiving trip to L.A. This was just too cute not to be featured. I’ve been to Butcher’s Daughter in NYC, but this location in Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice is just a whole other ballgame. It is stunning! L.A. weather vs. NYC weather helps too, I guess. I met my friend Carolyn here for breakfast on our last morning of the trip. It was perfectly sunny and warm morning so I walked from our hotel on the beach to here checking out all the cool places along the way (and stopped to socialize with cute chickens that had a coop at the backyard of a garden store). I will let the photos do the rest of my introduction to Butcher’s Daughter in Venice.

We ordered acai bowls, matcha pancakes, smoothies and mochas. Everything was delicious and our server a very nice chap. I think during my previous visit to Butcher’s Daughter I had their green juice and something savory, but cannot remember at all what it was since it has been a few years. If I was to move to L.A. I would move to Venice and Butcher’s Daughter would be my hangout. Totally. It might happen. Let’s stick it to the vision board for now, shall we? By the way, in East Bay, Berkeley to be exact, we have Butcher’s Son that is actually fully vegan deli, while Butcher’s Daughter is vegetarian (everything can be made vegan too). I’ll have to revisit them soon and bring my camera too!