6 or so things to tell you

It has been an interesting month and new opportunities have popped up that are making us consider changing some things in our lives, like where we live. We like our current apartment in Alameda (especially the big kitchen!), but really been wanting to have an outdoor space of our own. Weather here is beautiful 90% of the time so we would love to spend lots of time outdoors in our own yard. We are starting a serious search on this absolutely crazy rental market of SF Bay Area. Requirements are nice kitchen, private outdoor space, washer/dryer in apartment, hardwood floors, pet friendly. Plus: located within walking distance to a farmers market. Wish us luck!

I’m gearing up for the winter (our house seems to have no insulation so it gets almost as cold as the outdoors) and since I hate being always cold I’ve got myself a warm, fluffy onesie. You might see a photo of it one day… I don’t know why I’m discovering these just now. It’s like wearing a warm, soft hug.

Besides mushroom coffee and matcha, I’ve fell in love with Golden Mylks. I do mine mixing turmeric, black pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, maca/ashwagandha and ginger. Or try this recipe from my beautiful friend Kirsten who infuses essential oils in it. She has really gotten me into oils beyond just diffusing them. Learn more about the oils I use here. I’ve also fell in love with Saje Natural Wellness store (pictured below). Hoping to host a great smelling event there one day soon.

Brunch. It’s just so much better than lunch. Or breakfast (my least favorite meal of the day). I love Nourish Cafe for their healthy vegan options (pictured below), Butcher’s Son for their comfort foods (in Berkeley) and there are still so many places I want to try in East Bay such as The Millenium, Sanctuary Bistro and Mission Heirloom.

P.S. Four Sigmatic is having a massive Black Friday sale (on Friday) so this is your chance to try them if you haven’t yet. I love their products! When I’m having coffee kind of morning I love to get up early and watch the sunrise sipping a tasty mug of Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps. This energizing blend gently perks you up without the potential crash of regular coffee, thanks to adaptogenic cordyceps! The holidays don’t have to be stressful – chill out and rest easy with one of Reishi drinks including Reishi Elixir, Reishi Cacao and Sleep Stick Packs that could help support occasional stress and support restful sleep.

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  1. I want your life!! Especially keen to try mushroom coffee.. which I had never heard of!! Xx

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