November feels

I feel like I’m always saying that “the weather is gorgeous here this time of the year”, but really, it’s been so beautiful and warm these past weeks, with an occasional cold day here and there. I was truly enjoying it before the cooler weather hit us this Monday.

November I’m planning on:

  • Quit gluten (or at least majorly reduce it) to see if I have any sensitivities to it. I’m definitely not celiac (I’d know with the amount I eat bread), but it could be a reason for general irritability, as a wise herbalist recently suggested.
  • Meet Dr. Axe (yes, THAT Dr. Axe).
  • Keep taking my daily probiotics. I take supplement form as well as a food form. Our local natural foods store had kraut and kimchi sale and I bought pretty much everything. So I’m well stocked for the weeks to come.
  • Instead of the fresh-from-the-oven organic seasonal fruit muffin our local bakery Heyday has in the mornings, I’m going to switch them to green smoothies, fruit, chia puddings, yogurt + granola and acai bowls. Or even soups. Most lunch places here start serving lunch at 10.30am so that’s perfect time for some morning soup! Might sound weird for some, but when you really think it a veggie soup is just the perfect warming breakfast.
  • Go to an Infinitive Mirror Maze. Because, why not.
  • I’ve been pretty good at lunch (thanks to all the healthy lunch options in Financial District) and plan to keep it that way. Lots of salads, gluten-free quinoa scones with hummus (our office provides organic hummus!), or soups (my favorite).
  • Go to yoga min. 4 x week. It has gotten easier now that I’m back taking morning classes so that it has freed my evenings to attend fun events, or just hang out.
  • Take 30 min power walks min. 4 x week during lunch. I love walking by the water on Embarcadero.
  • Experiment with essential oils. I bought a diffuser just last week and been using calming oils to help me fall asleep at night. Not that I usually need any help with that, but it’s nice to sleep in a room that smells yummy.
  • Drink more herbal teas from Julie’s Garden. This week I’m doing Tulsi.
  • Drink Medicinal mushroom coffee or mixes 3 x week.
  • Spend the long Thanksgiving weekend somewhere fun.
  • Go get acupuncture for the first time ever! Any tips welcome!
  • Finish reading Big Magic and start Own Your Glow
  • 3 min daily meditation (I’ve completely fallen off the wagon).
  • Refinance mortgage
  • Buy a car (this will only happen after we finalize our refinance). I’m in love with those cute little Fiats.