How to eat Healthy and Vegan in SF Financial District

I’ve been calling San Francisco’s Financial District my work hood for a few months now and thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorite places around here. It will be very food-oriented tour since I’m a foodie and therefore this is more of a list of eateries I tend to eat at than anything else.

So let’s start with breakfast! Most of the time I do intermittent fasting and have just liquids til lunch, but there’s a cool organic café/lunch place called Heyday on Spear St. that I frequent. When I want coffee, this is where I go because theirs is organic. Did you know that conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated plants in the world? It is sprayed with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Not something you want to ingest once, or twice a day.

Eatsa: or as the boys at work call it “the robot place”. Eatsa is a high-tech fully automated vegetarian bowl restaurant in Rincon Center that offers breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea & even vegan cookies. You order and pay through their app, or from an iPad at the store, and once your order is ready your name will appear in the screen along with a number of a cubicle where you can pick up your meal. I love that they offer two different types of quinoa, jackfruit and flavors from Mexico to India to Japan.

Organic Coup: I just recently noticed that they have Acai bowls. It was good, but they use frozen mixed berries in their toppings compared to other Acai places that use fresh. But it’s very near my office at Rincon Center and I like having options.

Elixiria: Fresh pressed juices, smoothies and acai bowls.

Blue Hawaii: My go-to for Acai bowls. I always get the Kaiser bowl because it has spirulina blended in.

Pressed Juicery inside One Market: They do not have the Freeze, but tons of lovely green juices.

Urban Remedy at Ferry Building Market Place: I love coming to the Ferry Building and just walk around. I usually get their Blue Magic nutmilk or Mint Cacao Chip smoothie (tons of cacao nibs). They got some cool tinctures as well, and food.

Philz Coffee: Yerba Mate, vegan donuts and avocado toast. I tried their coffee three times (mocha) and it is just too strong for me (makes me nauseous), but luckily they have other things I can enjoy.

Dosa Brothers: I discovered dosas just a few years ago back in Edison NJ, and have been ever since searching for them from every city I go to. I was happy to find Dosa Brothers cart on Market street because I now have a place within 10 min walk from work where I can get my dosa fix. They offer 3 options: Masala, Paneer or Mix (of Masala and Paneer), so it is all vegetarian.

Amawele’s South African: Inside the Rincon Center is Amawele’s and this was actually only my second time having South African food. They have multiple veg options and their food is lovely spicy!

Mixt Greens:  I order my customized salad online, pick it up whenever is convenient to me. Yes, their portions are huge and pricey, but I appreciate the feshness. Plus they have Hodo-Soy tofu (local, organic, non-gmo)!

The Plant Cafe Organic: We order monthly breakfast for our team from The Plant Cafe every other month (the other times it’s Blue Hawaii. We know what we like :)). Their scrambled tofu is so delicious as well as the avocado toast, and fresh juices. And if the name doesn’t give enough hint: it’s 100% organic.

Joe & The Juice: I especially like their Howard St. location because there’s plenty of space to find a cozy corner for my weekly Power Hour (=focused writing). I usually get one of their green juices. Super expensive ($12 green juice!), but I consider it as part of the space rental :).

Frog Hollow Farm Café: Located inside the Ferry Building, Frog Hollow Farm to table cafe offers unpretentious organic and local fare. There’s also a farm stand to get your fruits and veggies fresh picked from their farm, and organic coffee.

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