5 Ways to Enjoy the Change of Season

 Fall is officially here, meaning it’s time to trade in flip flops for boots and iced teas for Pumpkin Spice Lattes (but please, not from Starbucks!!! Try this recipe instead). Instead of triggering a case of the October blues, try making few positive changes in your life to boost happiness.

Keep spending time outdoors (just dress properly!) and with your friends, take extra days off from work (if possible), attend interesting classes, learn something new (how about that Indian cooking class?) and commit to a regular workout routine (even if it’s just one yoga class a week or a 15 min walk a day). You don’t have to lose your summer glow as the seasons shift.5 Ways to Enjoy the Change of Season

5 ways to enjoy the change of season:

1. Plan a few mini-vacations

 Make time for at least one or two short, affordable weekend trips during the fall, like driving to a nearby city or the countryside for the weekend. It does wonders for your health, well-being, and productivity. Personally I love the quietness of the countryside and when living in Northeast we often found ourselves in the peace of small towns of Pennsylvania. I haven’t ex