Life Lately

This time of the year life gets pretty hectic with celebrations as you may have seen from my Instagram feed. Starting with Valentine’s Day, then hub’s birthday, next is our anniversary, then my birthday, and this year there was also a baby shower in the midst of it all.

I also finally got to visit the Spirit Rock Meditation Center and attended their Monday Night Meditation and Dharma Talk with Jack Kornfield (I’ve watched the Super Soul Sunday episode with him like a hundred times).

For husband’s birthday I booked us a table at a Korean BBQ in Oakland. They had a delicious kimchi bowl for me while the others grilled their meats. And a little Soju cocktails for the toast.

For my birthday I went on a Tai Chi Qigong workshop that was very relaxing and educational. I’m absolutely adding this practice to my life from now on. There’s actually a Meetup near our house where people gather together for QiGong and meditation on Friday nights.

I had two wishes for my birthday even I really don’t care about gifts, but since I was kind of forced to say something I did. You can soon expect lots of spiralized veggies on the blog because I’m now a proud owner of a Spiralizer! I’m also getting a professional haircut, something I haven’t gotten in years. I’ve been cutting my own hair for the past 5+ years… Yes, it’s about time. I need some style in this head.

Oh, I should mention another new thing in my life: Big Little Lies on HBO. I love that show. Maybe because of the gorgeous scenery of Monterey, California. And a couple of cute kids I wish were mine. Also, the music is ah-mazing. Especially this song.

We’ve been going through a lot of mushroom tea this past week since husband got sick right after our anniversary and has been healing with the power of mushrooms, reishi to be exact. I’m drinking it to stay healthy and get a nice, calm night of sleep. Try reishi, or energizing chaga, and get 10% OFF with my discount code KATARIINA10 right HERE.

Also, I’m back being Passion Planner rep for the spring season! They now have a really cute purple limited edition planner you can get undated. So it’s perfect for NOW. Use code KATARIINA10 for 10% OFF HERE.

Finally, a little update about my “one book a month” reading challenge. Let’s just say that I’m yet to finish my first book; “Highly Intuitive People”. More about that later…

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