Vegan Baking Guide 101

You do not need animal milk, eggs, butter or cream to make mouth-watering sweets, as this Vegan Baking Guide 101 will show you. Plant foods provide you everything you need to make all the delicious pastries, cookies and cakes your heart desires. The key in successful baking is to carefully follow the measurements of all ingredients (I admit, I’m not very good at this because I tend to eyeball everything, so please, don’t be like me).

Vegan Baking Guide 101:


  • Adds flavor and creates texture.
    This is a no-brainer: use any plant-based milks like full-fat soymilk, almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk or mixture of milks like this walnut-almond milk. If recipe fits it, choose vanilla flavored one for little extra yumminess.


  • Adds flavor and spongy texture. Helps evenly rising of the goodies and density.

If baking a recipe that has natural spice or flavor to it (for example spice cake or gingerbread cookies) olive oil or untoasted sesame oil is a good option. Unrefined coconut oil adds similar thickness that butter would. If you don’t want the coconut taste in your baked goods, refined coconut oil is an option because bleaching and high-heating remove the flavor from it. You can use vegan shortening with cookies and piecrusts, or margarine because it creates a buttery taste (try Earth Balance) . New product on the market that I absolutely love is Miyoko’s vegan butter. It’s made of cashews and coconut oil.


Add moisture and act as a binding agent. They are also a leavening agent, helping food to rise during baking.

  • Ground flax seeds (3 tbsp of water to 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds= one egg).
  • Mashed banana and applesauce are other healthy alternatives.
  • Baking powder, baking soda, and vinegar too.
  • Soy/almond/coconut milk yogurt can add a rich texture to your baking.
  • Pureed black beans.


Creates a smooth and sometimes fluffy texture. It adds richness, and can make for a satin-like quality.

  • Full-fat coconut milk
  • Blend one-part cashews and one part water until smooth

vegan baking guide 101 Using plant-protein powders in baked goods

You can replace 1/8-1/4 of the flour the recipe you’re using calls for with protein powder to make your goodies… healthyish?! YES!

Baking Tips

1. One cup is equal to 16 tbsp, so if your recipe calls for one cup of flour, you could use 4 tbsp of protein powder, and 11 tbsp of flour or 2 tbsp of protein powder, and 13 tbsp of flour.

2. Try not to substitute the fat in your recipe for things without fat (like applesauce). The fat helps to keep the baking recipe moist and when you use substitute powders in baking they tend to get dried out without fat.

3. Don’t over-mix your batter. Protein powder is a heavier ingredient than flour and will get goopy when mixed too much. So, fold your ingredients until just incorporated to your batter.

4. Add a little leavener to keep things light. If you have baked with protein powders before and found the texture a little dense for your liking, add 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/8 teaspoon baking soda for each one combined cup of flour and protein powder. This will help add a little lightness to your baked good.

P.S. Click any of the photos to get the recipe (all vegan).vegan baking guide 101 vegan baking guide 101 vegan baking guide 101 vegan baking guide 101 vegan baking guide 101 vegan baking guide 101

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  2. This looks so good! Definitely going to try!

  3. Love the recepie. And pics are amazing

  4. I’m saving these recipes. I cook a lot with coconut milk. It’s my absolute favorite. I need to try ground flax seed/meal. That’s on my “to do” list.

  5. Everything looks amazing. I used to be vegan so I used to struggle with baking. great recipes.

  6. I love using flax eggs in place of real ones. Such a simple swap! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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