Twiirly with me

I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently partnered with a brand new app in the App Store. Founded by a wonderful lady boss Doreen right here in San Francisco, Twiirly let’s you interact with bloggers one-on-one in real time. You may have seen some photos and video from our Twiirly photo shoot on my Instagram already, but this is my official announcement and invitation for you to try it out.

How it works:

It’s really simple: you download the free app on App Store, create an account, then book and pay for a 15 minute session with one your favorite bloggers (fashion, food, wellness, travel etc.).

I’m available for wellness related chats so you can ask me tips related to holistic health, relationships, self-care, spirituality, plant-based cooking and whatever relates to those. And cats of course (duh!).

During the sessions, the app switches between video and messaging.

i’m super excited to have joined the Twiirly and can’t wait to start interacting with you. When you login you can see the sessions I have available for the week so go ahead and book one that fits your schedule best.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon! Download Twiirly here

twiirly bespoke

P.S. Our hair and make-up crew was booked through another amazing app: TRU that allows you to book and pay salon appointments right from your phone. How convenient!