5 Tips on How to be More Productive

Do you get that amazing feel of things flowing and going to the right direction, sudden happiness and expansion of positive energy when you get things checked off your to-do list? It is the best feeling ever, and makes me feel powerful, productive and efficient. It is not an everyday feeling for me just yet, but using some simple tools to get on the workflow has helped me tremendously. Here’s mine:

5 Tips on How to be More Productive

1.Schedule your to-do’s in prioritized order in to your calendar and add alarms to remind you.

My Passion Planner is a huge help with this since it prioritizes your to-do’s in order. Just in case I forget to look in my planner, I also set the alarm in my phone to remind me that it is time to get working on a specific task.

2.Avoid multitasking by blocking off a chunk of time to get one thing completed.

Don’t let the monkey brain get you. Focus on doing and completing one task at a time. Getting little bit of this done, and little bit of that done just may be keeping you stuck and unable to complete anything. I for example, set my timer for 30 minutes to an hour to get one blog post done. Works like a charm.

3.Keep your home organized.

I may be a little bit neurotic (my husband’s words, not mine) about order and things having their exact places at home. It drives me nuts when there’s too many things on the kitchen counters or the coffee table. Clutter gets me annoyed and distracted. Therefore I tend to rescue beautiful boxes where I stash things to keep then out of my sight. My husband has now 2 pretty boxes of his crap tucked away underneath the coffee table. 🙂 

4.Try to sleep at least 7 hours per night.

I schedule my sleeping so that I can get minimum of 8 hours per night, but 7 hours will do as well when necessary. Less than that, I’m bit of a chicken headed mess.

5.Learn to say no to things that don’t lift your spirits.

If it’s not a hell yeah, it’s a hell no. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. I do have an exception to this rule though: one month a year (usually in the spring) I will say yes to pretty much everything and attend every single fun sounding event and Meetup just to get myself out there more and socialize.

Any other productivity tips you would add to this list?