KUUMA Cafe (Helsinki)

I’ve been extremely impressed by the cafe scene here in Helsinki. It honestly beats both NYC and San Francisco. Yes, I said it. There are so many amazing options all within short walking distance, or a tram/subway ride away. Besides just coffee and tea, they all serve amazing sweet cakes (and raw vegan cakes!), pastries and sandwiches, not just your usual dry croissants and yucky muffins that I’m used to in my other two cities (NYC & SF that is). Also, strangely, the coffee does not make me feel sick. I wonder why. My guess is that it’s not as strong maybe? I’m sensitive to caffeine which is why I avoid it, but it seems that here I don’t have to. Yay.


The other day I met with a fellow Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate and friend of mine Heidi for a healthy breakfast at KUUMA. She hasn’t been raving about it for no reason. We got there little after 9am and it was packed. Nice young man invited us to sit with him in the back benches so we did. We both ordered their combo breakfast platter that came with avocado toast (the bread was ahhh-mazing!), fresh pressed ginger-carrot juice, chia pudding and a coffee. Service was friendly and swift and everything delicious.

img_0287 img_0294


At the back of the cafe (where we sat) is also Nest Factory that sellsĀ items from around the globe, creating a unique collection of goods that are ethically produced and sourced, valuing quality over quantity. So many cute things for the home and to wear, like these adorable hand embroidered Ukrainian blouses in the picture below.

img_0291 img_0290 img_0285

I’d warmly recommend this place and might have to go back at least once more during this trip.

Any cool veg-friendly places (cafes, restaurants) in Helsinki/Espoo I should visit?

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