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Mornings here in the bay area are starting to get very chilly and I’m feeling the need to start hibernating again (I love hibernating! I must’ve been a bear in my past life). For me hibernating means spending more time indoors so having a comfortable, cozy home is important. I haven’t bought any things for our apartment since moving to California because I feel like we haven’t found our place just yet (although I do love the kitchen we currently have) and don’t want to pack so much stuff if we decide to move when our lease ends in January. img_4123For our next place we would love to have something with a decent outdoor space since the weather is so perfect here most of the time. And because I feel like this home is also just a temporary place to stay I haven’t decorated, unpacked all the boxes or make it very homey. But with winter coming I’m dying to go shopping for comfy sectional couch, cute pillows, throws, new rugs, dining table and desk for my little office nook.fort-lee-park-507-23

What I’ve been into lately:

Book: Diane Dreher’s “The Tao of Inner Peace”  (paperback) and Wayne Dyer’s “101 Ways to Transform Your Life” (audio book)

Podcast: Beauty Inside Out (Kimberly Snyder)

Tea: Hibiscus and Yerba Mate (organic)

Snack: Homemade gluten-free vegan biscuits with hummus and cucumber

Music: La vida es un Carnaval (Celia Cruz)

Sweet thing: dark seaweed chocolate

Experiments: Gluten-free baking and anything with banana (I get tons of overripe bananas from work every week). So far I’ve done banana bread and 2-ingredient Healthy Cookies.

Asana: Extended Triangle. This pose feels amazing nowadays.

Shows: Divorce and Fixer Upper

Candle: Aromatherapy Beeswax Candle

Mantra: “I am not available for negative energy”.

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2 Replies to “Life lately”

  1. Just found your blog! Good luck on fighting the urge to go shopping for home decor. Also, dark seaweed chocolate?! Mmm

    1. Haha! Thanks! The struggle is real! We actually just bought a new sectional couch yesterday so so much for that… But I did resist my urge to buy anything else and I’m proud of that.

      That chocolate is actually tastes much better than it sounds. It’s so rich that one piece will be enough to shut down your sweet cravings. Powerful stuff… and very hippie stuff 🙂

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