Five Favorites

Hello October! This month has started with some interesting collaborations and magnificent weather. It has been hot here in the Bay Area and I’ve been loving it. Hubs not so much, because we’re used to having central air conditioning in the North East and in Northern California it’s not the standard (because weather here is perfect most of the time!). This month I’m looking forward to going pumpkin picking, more beach yoga, a little road trip perhaps, and saying YES to every event. This month I’m committed to being active and social. I’ll hibernate when it gets cold eventually. Although I’m hoping it doesn’t.img_2389

1.Palm trees

I’m still not used to seeing palm trees everywhere so my phone’s memory is mostly taken by pictures of palm trees. I love the little ones that look like pineapples (Sago Palms), the super skinny tall ones (Mexican Fan Palm?), the lush White Birds of Paradise palms, Dragon Trees, Traveller’s Palms and Triangle Palms. I feel like I see them all just walking down our street for two blocks.img_7865

2. Beach

I’ve never lived anywhere near the beach and I cannot even express how special it feels to have one just 5 min bike ride away. I’m not into grilling myself, but love sitting in the sand under a big hat reading a book, filling my Passion Planner or listening to podcasts. Sometimes napping.fullsizerender-2

3. Gabby Bernstein

I’ve been following Gabby since 2008 and gone to almost all her lectures in NYC as well as buying all her books. This weekend I had the opportunity to see her in San Francisco while she was on her book tour. I was blown away by the fact that her talk was at the strikingly beautiful Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill. They have Yoga on the Labyrinth in this church every Thursday. You can read more about it on my Healthy Guide to SF.img_7855

4. Leap Smoothies

To be honest, my smoothies have tasted the same for years now. I do like them of course since I drink them daily, but sometimes you just want to experience new flavors. I was so happy when I found Leap, because they have three different flavor packed superfood smoothie powders: red, blue and green. Hubs is also a green smoothie drinker (my #1 big accomplishment in life 🙂 ) and he has been loving the new taste of our morning smoothies since Leap leaped into our lives. Some important notes to mention: Leap is organic and raw. No nasties whatsoever. Two thumbs up! Try it for FREE!leap smoothie powder

5. Bodyflow

I’ve been a member of our local gym since February and even though I’m not a big gym buff, I’m a bit of a group exercise buff. I take a bunch of different yoga classes (Anusara, Hatha, Inferno Hot Yoga), Body Pump, Barre, Ballet and Bodyflow. I wasn’t a huge fan of Bodyflow at first because I thought the yoga part was “too easy” and short, but I’ve slowly grown to love Bodyflow. The class starts with Tai Chi which I’m brand new to, moves on to some yoga, then pilates and ending with my favorite: Savasana and meditation. I leave these classes feeling energized, but knowing that every single muscle in my body was exercised and stretched. Also, the music has gotten much better from what it was before… P.S. I’m thinking of trying a new class that just started at the gym. Belly dance!fullsizerender-1