5 Favorites of the Week

Holy guacamole! My intention has been doing my “5 Favorites” post once a week, but that just has not happen, has it? It’s not the lack of amazing products and things in this world, but the loss of focus. I’ve made a promise to myself to spend at least 30 minutes each morning writing blog posts and stop being a lazy butt monkey. Without a further ado, here are my five food focused favorites of the week.


  1. Kimchi

We love Korean food in our house and hubs was the person who introduced this delicacy to me when we were dating. Can you believe that I never had Korean food before I met him? I don’t even think there were Korean restaurants in Finland 10 years ago. It was definitely love at first sight (with Korean food, not with him :)). Kimchi is a fermented spicy cabbage, that’s served as an appetizer and with some of the stews and pancakes and it is divine. Nowadays I always have a jar of it at home, right next to my sauerkraut. It is rich in good bacteria and helps digest food and heal gut disorders. Way better than supplements! I have it on the side of each meal. It is easy to make your own kimchi. All you need is salt, garlic, ginger, sugar and these Korean red pepper flakes.


2. Yellow Crimson watermelon

It tastes a little sweeter to me than the red one, but does not contain lycopene like the red ones. It still provides plenty of health benefits and is a fun alternative to use in salads.


3. Kelp noodles

Easiest thing to cook. Mix in the food processor: raw almond butter, garlic, tamari, onion, maple syrup, red pepper, juice of one lime or lemon, salt to taste. Soak noodles in a warm water for 5 minutes to soften them a little, then rinse and drain. Mix together with the sauce. Voila. Done! Kelp noodles are rich in a number of nutrients, namely calcium, iron and vitamin K, especially given the small serving size of noodles.


4. Gomasio

I learned about this wonderful spice mixture for the first time during a Japanese cooking class and now I put it on everything. It’s the perfect blend of organic sesame seeds, seaweed and sea salt.


5. Popcorn

We all love snacking and popcorn has made a comeback in our house. I didn’t eat popcorn for the longest time because I thought it’s all GMO, but I was so happy to find organic non-GMO variety at Trader Joe’s and Thrive Market. I’ve become pretty good stove top popcorn popper. I use coconut oil and flavor it with sea salt and nutritional yeast. Gomasio goes well with it as well. Or try matcha and salted dark chocolate? Dill pickle popcorn? Here’s 19 more ideas.

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