This month


I like to do inventory at the end of each month to see how I’ve used my time and if there are things that I could spend more time doing. The goal is to not feel bad because I didn’t exercise enough or didn’t write as many blog posts as I had hoped for, but to raise the bar and do better next month.

This month’s successes:

  • Attended two Meetups (one for Spiritual Warriors and one for Business Women).
  • Had tea twice with new friends at Julie’s Tea Garden.
  • Went to 12 exercise classes including Bodypump, Anusara yoga, Bodyflow and Beach Yoga (that was like doing yoga in paradise!).
  • Had one Hey! VINA date.
  • Started 95% of my mornings with a green smoothie (thanks hubs for joining me).
  • Wrote 8 blog posts.
  • Almost finished 3 eBooks : Healthy Guide to San Francisco, Healthy Guide to NYC ¬†and expanded 3-Day Gentle Detox. Coming soon!
  • Asked. At one of the Meetups a gentleman with multiple businesses encouraged us, and even gave us a task to ask the man in our lives to do something for us. Anything. No matter how small or big.
  • Picked up my meditation practice. 4-5 mins every single day. No excuses. I HAVE time.
  • Hired a Health Coach.
  • Who became my Success Coach.
  • Went to a Counting Crows and Rob Thomas concert (we thought we were seeing Black Crows…).
  • Booked fun sponsored blog gig with quite unusual company (you’ll see soon).
  • Found out that not one, but FOUR friends of mine are pregnant.
  • Chose five personal mantras to repeat and keep in mind daily:copy-of-free-coaching-1 copy-of-free-coaching 
  • Mantra for hard times: “My problems are always smaller than my potential.”
  • Mantra of the day: “Raise your standards.” On everything.
  • Mantra for getting support: “Ask and you shall receive.” Simple as that.


How was your month?


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