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Some time ago we took a ride down to Sacramento which is just about 45 minutes from where we live. Our trip to Sacramento was inspired by the old western movies because I always wanted to visit some old “wild wild west” type of town. We saw some when in New Mexico, but didn’t have time to stop and explore, so ever since then I’ve been hoping to get to see one of those kind of towns again. Old Sacramento it was.

clown old sacramento Old Sacramento is a historic eight-block section of Downtown with over 100 businesses andĀ 53 historic buildings. It is registered as a National and California Historic Landmark and the properties in the district are primarily owned by private people. There’s of course a bunch of souvenir stores, beautiful restaurants, bars and cafes. We also saw four different weddings that day!

We had lunch at an amazingĀ farm to table restaurant (both my husband and I always Google “best farm-to-table restaurants in …” when searching for good food in new-to-us towns). You just can’t beat fresh local produce as the main ingredients. Since the area is just 8 blocks you can see pretty much everything in just about an hour or so. I enjoyed walking the streets and taking like a gazillion photos because I loved the old buildings and architecture. Here’s few of them!

Candy Store Old Sacramento Old Sacramento Architecture Grand Station Fanny Ann's Saloon Old Sacramento Old Sacramento Pioneer Square Old Sacramento buildings Old Sacramento Old Sacramento Old Sacramento mermaid man christmas tree ornament old sacramento supreme court

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  1. If you keep going up the freeway, it gets even more beautiful. The foothills are gorgeous this time of year especially with the weather changing. You can get a beer in old Auburn, play a round of Golf at The Ridge, and then head home. It makes for a nice day trip!

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