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It’s time for another Women in Wellness interview and today you’ll get to know Sini Salonen, who is a fellow Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I think we might have found each other through Instagram, because we were not classmates at the school, and Instagram has really become my favorite tool finding like-minded people around the world. Without a further ado, here’s Sini!

I’m Sini from Finland 26 years old, but currently living in Germany with my German boyfriend. I’m passionate about holistic health therefore I decided to start studying in Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014, I graduated in 2015. My healthy lifestyle got a kick when I started to study tourism in Finland in 2010 and was so stressed of the new life situation and didn’t sleep well that I ended up getting up two epileptic seizures. Then I decided that it’s not worth of stressing of studying or other issues with a cost of health. At the time I started to follow holistic health lifestyle blogs and started to slowly change my lifestyle. (I had been pescetarian since 2009 already). I healed myself with nutrition and haven’t gotten any epileptic seizures since 2011. I have also a history of suffering from heavy migraines and tension headaches and those I have healed also almost completely.

At the moment I’m giving and sharing my health tips and inspiring in my instagram account and my relatives and friends are often approaching me for asking help for their health issues or asking tips from me.

I’m a passionate about Ashtanga yoga and I’m practicing about 4-5 times a week at the moment. I have now 3 years practicing behind me and it has change me tremendously! My dream is to become a ashtanga yoga teacher in the upcoming years. I have also self studied a lot of Ayurveda, the Indian “Knowledge of Life” which for me is a important part of yoga.

Sini Salonen Health Coach Germany

Your food philosophy

Don’t be too strict with yourself and eat food which makes you feel energized, not sluggish!

Daily breakfast
Chia porridge with berries and hemp seeds, preferably made into a self-made plant-based milk. Also a buckwheat raw porridge I’m doing often – soak the buckwheat over night and rinse them in the morning, mix in a blender with berries or fruits (banana and dates for a sweetness).

Morning ritual

Oil pulling and lemon water with MSM powder. Trying to incorporate meditation and pranayama at the moment into my morning ritual.

Go-to juice or smoothie

Green smoothie or a berry smoothie. Green smoothie consists of kale or spinach, banana, dates, ginger, lemon juice, fresh turmeric, maca and kelp. In to the berry smoothie you can throw any berries you like and combine them with banana and dates and of course with some water.

What supplements do you take

Magnesium is must for me because of my tendency getting headaches or migraines. I’m also taking B12 (in a city environment you need this more! Not to mention if you are a vegetarian or vegan), B-complex, probiotics, zinc.

Your favorite kitchen tool

Definitely my blenders! I have two: Vitamix and Personal Blender. Personal Blender has inspired my boyfriend to make smoothies too. With personal blender it’s also convenient to make smaller amounts easily (for example sauces) and it’s easy to clean and possible to take with you when traveling because it’s so light.

5 pantry staples

Quinoa, lentils, some beans, nuts and seeds.

Favorite thing to cook for friends

Fried rice, avocado pasta and self-made tortillas!

Favorite way to workout

Ashtanga yoga.

Strange wellness habit

Oil pulling and taking apple cider vinegar.

Favorite thing to wear

My Teeki yoga trousers and now in the summer time all kinds of summer clothes.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to

There’s some uniqueness everywhere. I’m fascinated of nature. Favorites so far have been Budapest in Hungary and Iceland. Of course nowadays I’m always excited when I get to travel back home to Finland 😉

Where would you like to travel

Definitely Bali!

Your favoritSini Salonen IINe healthy place in your city?

Probably my ashtanga yoga studio, because I’m there so often.

One piece of health advice

Favor organic food and toss the junk food and other artificial foods.

Healthy recipe to share

Cook brown rice pasta (or other gluten-free pasta). In the pan or pot fry some garlic and fennel. Add sun dried tomatoes and tomatoes and in the end add some cilantro, black pepper and herbal salt. Finish with some nutritional yeast and thick balsamic vinegar. Serve with the pasta.

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