Roadtrip Pt. 3 : Big Sur & Bixby Bridge

Our final destination on our trip was the breathtaking  Big Sur. I had seen so many gorgeous pictures of the Bixby Bridge and Highway 1 that I just had to get there in person to witness it. It was a foggy day so the hills looked even more magical. I was nervous to drive these narrow roads (I’m not an experienced driver, not one bit), but it sure is a nice drive. I was just imagining if this was my commute to work, how unstressed, happy and creative these views would make me. We saw quite a few houses with “For Sale” signs on and can’t imagine why people would ever want to leave this place. Although it was really cold and windy, so maybe the weather here is not the nicest. Not sure. All I can say is that I’m so lucky to live within a short(ish) drive from here.

3 Replies to “Roadtrip Pt. 3 : Big Sur & Bixby Bridge”

  1. Tää oli mahtava, kiitos 🙂 Ollaan tulossa kiertää Kaliforniaa elo-syyskuun vaihteessa, ja näitä vinkkejä on kiva lukea.

    1. Oi jannaa! Tuo Kalifornian rannikko on aivan mielettoman kaunis! En malta lahtea uudestaan joku viikonloppu tutkailemaan vahan tarkemmin mita kaikkea kivaa tuolta reitilta loytyykaan. Lataa kameran akut taysin koska valokuvia tulee napsittua joka toinen sekunti kun toinen toistaan mahtavampia maisemia syoksyy eteen.

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