5 Healthy Coffee Substitutes

Since moving to California I stopped drinking coffee almost completely. I had a cup of mocha about a month ago and it made me super nauseous, so I think I’m over it now. In New York I drank a small cup of coffee (mocha) every day before work for about 4 years or so, but it did’t become a physical addiction. I was mentally addicted to it because it made me feel super happy, social, energetic and like my homeopathic doctor described it; it’s a nice warm reward before going to do work that I disliked (not the people, but the work itself). She recommended that I stop drinking coffee because of the chemicals that are present when it’s roasted, and every time she said that I stopped for a while, but then started again when the anxiety of going to work got too overwhelming.

four sigmatic medicinal mushroom drink coffee cacao elixirMy 5 healthy coffee substitutes I’ve been using for energy and feeling overall good:


These instant superfood drinks are great for those on the go since all you need is hot water and a cup. They are used for different purposes and Four Sigma Foods offers a wide variety of options. So far I’ve tried these two, but I can’t wait to experiment with the rest! Get 10% OFF with code KATARIINA10

Chaga Hot Chocolate Drink

Drink it espresso style by just adding hot water. This drink is a combination of mushrooms, herbs, and spices designed to help you get that long-term, balanced energy, and it’s a traditional way to ingest “medicines”. Having your herbs and mushrooms with cacao makes them even more effective. Boosted with natural Guarana and Cayenne.

Reishi Mushroom Drink 

This drink is really the opposite of  coffee but I wanted to mention it as well. It actually keeps you calm during a stressful day and is great to take before bedtime to help you have a peaceful sleep or intensify your evening meditation.


When my husband decided to quit his morning coffee habit due to health reasons, he opted for this green powder with greens (obviously), yerba mate (my favorite energizer), maca, baobab and cordyceps. It tastes good and can be made in the office with just a shaker bottle and water.


Cacao Tea is made from the outer shell of the cacao bean, which is removed and roasted to bring out the best flavors, all while avoiding exposure to toxic mold formation with carefully monitored production. Cacao has more antioxidants than green tea and red wine. It also contains valuable theobromine, which has a similar, but more moderate, feeling as caffeine on the nervous system. Theobromine is also popular in smart drug circles for working in conjunction with caffeine. It has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee.


This magical tea has said to have “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate”. Mate tree naturally contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and abundant antioxidants. Yerba mate contains caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine, well-known stimulants also found in tea, coffee and chocolate. The caffeine content varies between that of green tea and coffee.


I love the flavors of raspberries, passion fruit and sage! Green Tea and Assam Black Tea invigorate the body, while natural amino acid L-Theanine promotes calm, mental focus. Ayurvedic herbs Organic Gotu Kola Leaf and Ashwagandha act to balance and energize naturally.

 BONUS TIP: If you miss the taste of coffee (which I personally dislike), try Dandy Blend.

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  2. Christina peter says:

    Great list! And go hubby! Wish i could get mine to give it up lol

    1. Offer him alternatives. Just make them in the morning and hand him the cup. That’s what I did with my husband and reishi tea recently. If I had asked him when he was sick “would you like some medicinal mushroom tea?” he would’ve said heck no! I just made it and handed it to him and said “Drink, it’ll heal you”. No questions asked, he drank it. 🙂

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