California Living and Loving

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you might already know that we have taken a big leap and moved to California. Me and the cats just arrived this past Saturday after packing our old place and handling the move. My workplace arranged a very nice surprise party for me and I was also announced as the employee of the year (!!!). I’ve worked for the hotel on and off since my internship there in 2004 and there’s still pretty much all the same people, so it feels like a family. Even I hate parties for myself I was so appreciative for everyone for throwing this party. I mean we didn’t even have staff Christmas party last year, but they had party for my farewell. So, so very sweet. My boss (hotel GM) is the best boss I’ve ever had in my life and super supportive on everyone’s dreams. Even I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the job itself, I did enjoy the people I worked with.
 Now that we’ve left New Jersey behind (although we’ll be back for the holidays), the plan for me is to take some time off, do health coaching part-time, find a yoga teacher training so I can combine that with my existing business, spend much needed time in the nature (it’s so gorgeous here!) as well as explore San Francisco and nearby areas. It’s so much fun getting to know a new city, finding your favorite parks, coffee shops and restaurants and of course, connecting with new people. We are just 7 minute drive away from the Pacifica beaches and 20 min drive to my fave SF neighborhood Haight Ashbury.
So from now on you’ll see posts about my adventures in the West Coast! Hope you’ll stay tuned! XO

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  1. So awesome! Might have to come to San Fran again at some point… will let you know. 😉

    1. Yes! Let me know! I'll be around! Teijan roadtrippi kuulostaa mahtavalta!

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