Thursday is the day for travel-related posts and if you’ve been following my Instagram or Twitter account you might have already seen these snapshots of Helsinki, one of my favorite little cities. Time, cars, buses and escalators in Helsinki move on slowly, which is a good thing, there’s always room to sit in cafes and everything is comfortable and convenient.

I made Marikahvila my “living room in the city” where I studied, enjoyed rooibos tea and had friends come over.

I also tried couple of new restaurants. One of them was popular vegetarian restaurant Silvoplee which I’ve been meaning to go since it opened in 1999. Silvoplee focuses on organic, raw and local produce. There’s a buffet and you pay according to the weight of your portion. The selection is large and the food very tasty. Actually so tasty it surprised me and I had to go back the next week. We also had dessert and their raw mint-chocolate mousse cake (pictured above) was magnificent. And they have almond milk for your coffee drinks! Big plus!


  1. Silvoplee sounds like a great place to go to. We had a restaurant like that close to my old work back in Sydney, I loved going there each week to try something new.

    1. I think it became my favorite restaurant in Helsinki! Healthy and delicious. Gave me so much energy.

  2. This looks lovely! I too am super intrigued by Silvoplee!! Love the idea of paying by weight instead of a standard buffet rate!

    1. Yes, although it becomes dangerously pricey when every single item on the buffet looks so delicious you want to try it. đŸ™‚

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