Back in Philly for Thanksgiving! Last time we were here (during Thanksgiving) was back in 2009. Here’s the post about that time. We stayed at Windsor Suites (our second time) right at Ben Franklin Parkway which is near the museums ad short walk from the city center.
 We ate Thanksgiving dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the Gayborhood : Knock, which is an upscale gay restaurant and bar. Funnily enough, we had our Thanksgiving meal here also in 2009. The service is always fabulous and the atmosphere nice and laid-back. 
Thank you Philadelphia, you’ve been so good to us, yet again.
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  1. I miss thanksgiving and especially the pumpkin pie. I've never been to Philly but I must say that it looks nice in your pictures!

    1. Philly is one of our favorite cities. The energy is completely different compared to Jersey or NY. Love it.

  2. Cool images, I've experienced thanksgiving only once in Florida, but would love to be around for it again one day!

    1. I think it'll definitely be one of those holidays that will grow its meaning once we have kids. There will not be turkey on our table though… But want to promote the message of gratitude and teach the meaning from young age on.

  3. Hei, pakko oli kommentoida kun mainitsit Knockin! Miehen serkku on siellä baarimikkona – laitan tämän postauksen hälle tiedoksi. 🙂

    1. Hihiii! Pieni maailma! Henkilokunta tassa paikassa on AINA ollut vallan mainiota! Yksi lemppareistamme!

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