Time for another Instagram Travel Thursday! For one full day, while in London, we were invited to the most charming, tranquil place with the most wonderful people, Rob and Sarah and their two handsome boys. We started with a lunch at The Boot Inn sitting outside by the beautiful river Test filled with swans. We had some wine, cider and absolutely delicious food.
After lunch we headed out to our hosts beautiful farm nearby where they live and run a little vacation cottage business, The Old Barns. You can feel nothing but peace here. So lovely.
Who needs a TV when this is the view out of your living room.
Boys and the wild puppy who likes to be very affectionate towards the chickens. And, no, the chickens don’t feel the same way about her.
After some tea we headed out for a long walk in the beautiful English countryside…
…and ended up in the local pub for some beverages.
After we got back from the pub it was time for some tapas at their cozy patio until the sun went down. Such fun day! Thank you Rob & Sarah!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!!!

  2. What a lovely day you had! I still havent seen much of Hampshire but probably should as it's just couple of hours by car…

  3. Haven't been to Hampshire but it sounds lovely – we just returned from London and I can never get enough of England!

  4. I love the look of the local pub. Just lovely. Thanks for linking up with us.

  5. LOVE love love the english countryside! I have to check out the old Barns. Maybe trip there next spring????

  6. It looks so peaceful! Poor puppy, he just wants to make friends with the chickens. Why won't they be his friends?

  7. It really does look tranquil! What a wonderful day.

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