I had two week break from yoga while traveling and yes, I missed it. I did my last class the morning of our flight ensuring that I would sleep tight the entire flight from Newark to London, which I did. Those are just the best flights. You close your eyes and when you wake up you’re already there. I have great sleeping skills, but hot yoga class always helps to get me to deep sleep fast.
The day after we arrived back home I was already back at the yoga studio. My first class was grueling. It was too hot, too many chaturangas, I felt jetlag-kind-of-tired, I had no upper body strength, I didn’t have enough water to drink and everything just sucked. But I thanked the universe at the end and was happy that I came anyway. Namaste.
The next day I went for my second class. This teacher was kind enough to turn off the heat in the room once we started the class since it was already 90 degrees outside. In this class I flowed with ease and really felt the benefits of taking that two week break. Movement was beautiful, I was at peace, confident and energetic. Totally different feel from the day before. I didn’t need breaks and only drank half my water. I also got into crow pose without problems for the first time and handstand didn’t feel as scary as it normally does (I have fear of head- and hand stands).
Yoga also helps me getting back to eating better and drinking more water. During our vacation I immediately started noticing my skin getting bad and breaking out from too much sweets, dairy (that heavenly chanterelle soup…) and wine. After two yoga classes and tons of water it’s already back to normal. It’s pure magic. Forget those Proactives and other crappy products! It’s all about what you put in your body and how you eliminate it!